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Headstone Epitaphs: Simple Words to Write on a Headstone

An epitaph is a short inscription on a grave marker.

It can be in verse or prose. Typically, it commemorates the deceased person.

Epitaphs are usually brief, containing two to four lines.

The first line of an epitaph often gives name, age, date of birth, and date of death. The second line is generally shorter and may provide the cause of death.

Some people choose to write their own epitaphs because they want to say exactly what they feel. Others leave it up to friends or family members.Whats the Purpose of an Epitaph?

Epitaphs are often intended as a tribute to the deceased.

A well-written epitaph can bring memories of an important person to life for generations.

Some people want their epitaphs to honor their loved ones. They hope that their words will help future generations better understand who they were and what they stood for.

Others just want to share a few words of advice for those who mourn them.

But an epitaph isnt just for the dead. Its also for those who’ve survived them and those yet to be born.

Think about it: What will future generations know about you? What will they remember? What will your children say to their children when they talk about you?

When a person dies, memories fade. Photographs deteriorate, and letters get lost in time. But an epitaph outlives everything, long after the flowers have wilted and swept away. Its a place where people can pause and remember you long after your death.4 Examples of Epitaphs

Here are a few examples of epitaphs that you might want to use as inspiration:

  1. Beloved, Husband and Father How simple can it get? Sometimes just a name is all thats needed. Other times, the full three-part inscription conveys deep meaning.
  2. Beloved Mother Or Devoted Wife and Mother The message is short, sweet, and to the point.
  3. She Lived Life on Her Terms A strong statement that tells future generations how she lived her life. Something they can aspire to in their own lives.
  4. Cherished Daughter This epitaph is a beautiful tribute to a loved one. And it conveys warmth, tenderness, and love