You can cut the expense of your beer by turning out to homemade beer. Homemade beer has gained popularity nowadays because of the many benefits that it comes with it. Before you start thinking of how you are going to brew you a beer at home, you need to be aware of theT.


The following are the equipment required;

Large funnel

A rolling pin

Brew pot

Kitchen strainer

3 gallon bottled water


Bottling container – you will require a 3-gallon container

Bottles, you will require some bottles to help you in the brewing process.


Before starting the brewing process, make sure you have all the ingredients in place so as to avoid running up an down that can lead to contamination. You will require the following ingredients for your brewing process.

3 lb malt extract

1 oz brewer palette

One pkg of brewer yeast

8 oz pkd crushed malt

3/8 cup sugar.