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Eight Rare Gravestones Around the World

One of the most enduring symbols for death is a skull, so it’s no surprise that gravestones are often shaped like skulls or have them engraved on them. Skulls also symbolize guardianship over gravesites, as they watch out for any who might disturb their slumber. If you’re looking to read about more unusual grave markers worldwide, head over to our blog. This blog post will showcase ten gravestone designs from around the world which you might not be familiar with.

A Gravestone Made of Only Wood

The gravestone (that looks like it could easily be blown away by the wind) is for a man who lived in Russia and was known as “the peasant with an amazing memory.” The gravestone has information about his life carved into it – but not what you would expect to see on a gravestone.

A Gravestone With no Words Just Pictures

The picture is for an Australian woman who died in 2000. Known as “the lady with the birdbath.” you should note that none of her family members wanted to add anything to this gravestone. But, surprisingly, her family made a gravestone out of wood.

A Gravestone With a particular design no one Can Replicate

This gravestone represents someone known as “the famous pianist” in China, and the stone does not have any engravings. The name ‘Famous Pianist’ cannot be translated into English either.

A Gravestone With Head of a Horse Only

The gravestone represents someone known as “the man with the horses” in China, and no person can translate his name to English. This gravestone is made out of marble, though. So the design may look similar to ‘The Thinker by Auguste Rodin, which you can see on the monument above.

A gravestone made up of Six Different Parts

The gravestone represents someone known as “the man with the birds” in China – and his name cannot be translated into English either. This gravestone has a marble base, and jade is what makes the gravestone itself.

A Gravestone With Specific Words Carved on it

The gravestone represents someone who was known as “the bravest man in town” in Iran, but there are no images or engravings on this gravestone either. This gravestone has a marble base, too, though. (

A Gravestone With eggs carved into it

In African culture, this gravestone represents someone known as “the chief” in Nigeria. The base of This gravestone is marble, though. So again, there are no engravings on the monument itself either. And if you look closely, you will see two eggs making up the marker. (

The Gravestone of the Child Who was Buried Alive

When making most gravestones, it is usually with an adult in mind. So when you see a monument like this one (which represents someone only five years old), it can be pretty unsettling to think about all that could have gone wrong for their parents and family. (

Final Thoughts

The world is full of weird and beautiful things, including headstones. So if you’re looking for a little light reading to take your mind off the daily grind or want some inspiration for your next vacation destination, the ten unusual gravestones from around the world t will have you planning your trip.