Best Kitchen Equipment for a Stew

Lamb stewStews are great food dishes for a family though some specialized equipment is needed. A slow cooker is a great way to prepare a stew and requires little work but lots of time. Simply set aside the meat that you are looking to prepare with some root vegetables and place it into a device to cook the food slowly.

The best pieces of kitchen equipment to do so are a slow cooker or a high pressure cooker and can make the meat extra tender and easy to work with. Slow cookers can be painfully slow cooking options but if you get a model with multiple speeds you can greatly expedite the process with a quick cook option.

A high pressure cooker is even faster and often leads to a very tender meal as well. This is a specialized piece of kitchen equipment however and can be dangerous if not operated properly Be sure to research how to use it and pay attention to the stove at all times while you are using it.